K.O – Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) Album

K.O – Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) Album Music

K.O – Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) Album. Source: K.O/Twitter

Skhanda Gawd, K.O is finally set to commission his highly anticipated sophomore album. Titled the “Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2)” album, this project of musical art is a fitting follow-up to his massively-successful debut “Skhanda Republic” album.

The “Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2)” album has been a long time in the making. However, for those of us and music fans who believe deeply in K.O, keeping the faith some more was a no brainier. This is because this is one iconic Hip Hop act who who created a sub-genre of the game as well as defined a whole culture.

K.O – Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) Album Music

Success comes with a lot of challenges and the Soweto-born K.O whose real name is Ntokozo Mdluli has received his fair share of sometimes unjustified stick or criticism. Despite the drought at some stage, he has continued to drop back-to-back hits that makes impacts in the world of SA Hip Hop.

In addition to recent efforts including “Call Me,” No Feelings and Pretty Young Thing,” K.O has also dropped a world of other stunners including Don DadaPretty Young Thing“, Korruption, and many others too numerous to mention.

However, as the human that he is, K.O fell for the criticism at some point, but rather than give up, he simply returned to the studio, re-worked his style and revamped the entire album. Then, add that combination to the crisis at Cashtime Life as well as his eventual signature to Sony Music, and you must know it takes real guts and courage.

K.O – Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2) Album Music

Great news is that K.O can be said to be shining example of courage and persistence in the face of adversity. Now, he can walk tall and respond with his craft, talent, artistry and music. We anticipate the “Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2)” album as the one that finally shuts the haters for good.

The “Skhanda Republic 2 (SR2)” album is expected to drop on Friday, 13th October and the frenzied excitement  amongst fans is in full swing. Follow and bookmark Hitvibes as you do not want to be left out of one of the biggest projects in the world of SA Hip Hop in recent times.

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