Frank Casino – Better Place

Frank Casino - Better Place Music

Even though he’s been declared as the future by hip hop royal, Riky Rick, Frank Casino continue to stake the claim for the present as well. He’s gone on one of such rides with the drop of a sizzling new piece titled “Better Place”.

Once Frank Casino dropped I Don’t Wanna Talk in March, even though he would eventually say a lot, his Sawce has been the major spice of collaborations in the industry. He’s been featured on several releases by A-listers and heavyweights.

These features include Riky Rick‘s Family off the Scooby Snacks, Gemini Major‘sBando, Yung SwissDon’t Go There, Big Star‘sNo Rush and a world of other stunners. Now, Frank Casino has gone on his own solo ride it is the smash.

On “Better Place”, Frank brings on the groove with the believe he’s always had for his current status. He goes on to unleash the flows and the assertion of the good things of life, be it more flows, more moolah, more whips and even the damsels to match.

However, Frank Casino still makes a case for his hommies on “Better Place”.  The Whole Thing sensation does value the golden rule of winning together as a community. Superb job, Frank!

What’s there not to love about this fire record of hope, believe, faith, motivation and inspiration as Frank Casino even further aims for an even better place? Plus, it still packs the laid-back rhythm to it that’s exceptional.

This is why we’ve been digesting its flavour all weekend and we invite you to join in the mood sauce. Simply stream, download and share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

Frank Casino – Better Place

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