Emtee – Take Flight

Emtee - Take Flight Music

Emtee – Take Flight

“Take Flight” is just one of global standards. In fact, we have been so mesmerised in its grind that we’ve yet to digest or identify its content. However, that is just the magic of Emtee‘s Manando album.

This effort forms the 19th of Emtee‘s 20-track project. The only downside of “Take Flight” is that you get that uneasy feeling you are getting to the end of the album and you surely want it to continue forever.

That is the same feeling on a Sunday evening, knowing the weekend is about to come to an end.

However, the great news is that there’s always the replay button and we have had the entire project on replay mode ever since it dropped. You can also join in our mood and grind.

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Emtee – Take Flight Appeared On First OnHitvibes

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